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Saturday, September 27, 2003


Well, it worked. Mom was totally surprised. She thought that we were just meeting at my grandparents to go out to the Roadhouse. Instead we had a lot of her friends and family there for a party. Total surprise was achieved. We had her fooled right through the door. She only cried a little, and they were tears of joy. What really helped was getting Mike and Meg into town for the party without her knowledge too.

Part two of the surprise was to get Nick's friends to come to the party too. This was a little harder to pull off without his knowledge as he was a big part of the planning for Mom's party. But it worked as well.

Two missions well accomplished.

I miss my coffee 

Call me a wimp, but I like flavored coffee. Specifically, Mountain Blueberry flavored coffee. And as of Thursday there is no more. It was only offered for the summer. I don't mind the Hazelnut or the French Vanilla, but they're just not blueberry. Mornings will never be the same again...

Happy Birthday Mom! (Nick too) 

Everyone needs to celebrate! Today my mom is 50 years young. Plus, my brother Nick turns 25. Yes, they do have the same birthday each year. Aren't planned c-sections wonderful for arrainging things. Now that my little brother has hit the quarter century mark, maybe I should start growing up too.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Toys for Iraqi children 

I know that I probably don't have any viewers yet, but this is an important thing I think. If you have a need to donate something, anything, to the Iraqi children go here to find out how to send them.

Preparations Underway... 

Friday night and everything is nearing readiness. This should be a fun one to pull off.

Mwa ha ha ha ha...

Working Late... Too Late 

Just got home from work.
Not too bad of a commute. I live across the parking lot from the family business.

I was hoping to post something witty and or humorous. Ala my blog hero's Frank J and Harv. But too tired.

Must sleep.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

New Name 

Well, I thought about it and decided to rename. I still love my Jeep, but that's because THERE'S ONE, ONLY!

Not too shabby, eh?

Bad Money 

Harv, over at Bad Money is pretty funny too. Just trying a little gratuitous name dropping here.

Frank J does it again. 

In his world, the greatest negotiating tool is the worlds angriest dog, Chomps. Check it out.


Sorry, I'll figure out how to link soon. (got it I think)

Just a Warning: 

I'm just starting this with no web publishing experience. So bear with me as I learn.

The Beginning 

I just want everyone to know how great Jeep Wranglers are. With only one problem since I've owned it (a bad wiper motor the second year) my Jeep has just hit 50,000 miles. It's the first new car I've owned, and hopefully I'll get 50,000 more out of it. Also a good enough reason to start a blog I guess.
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